Biometric finger print reader being used to restrict access to secured areas. Only registered individual are allowed access to a specific area. The transaction and monitoring of movement are captured by using biometric finger print device and recorded using our web based TADMS (Time Attendance and Door Access Management System). We offer the following systems:

• Time Attendance System
A must have for Human Resource Department, INTEGRITY’s time attendance system is designed to accommodate the details of employee’s performance and productivity records, where it will capture employees time attendance logged at the biometric and card reader at the entrances and exits of their work areas. Our CSMART680SA / CSMART680DE are reliable door access and time attendance reader. The reader can be connected to our owned developed in-house web based TADMS applications.

• Visitor Management System
Manage a large volume of visitor traffic through your premises quickly, easily and accurately by creating and instantly assign visitor card to keep track of visitor locations, areas visited and also would be able to restrict access to secured areas.