Our Solutions: Time Attendance & Door Access Management System

Our emphasis in providing an advance and proven technology is to ensure that all our customers obtain the best as well as benefit the most from our solutions. The solution offered can be divided into three segments: Biometric Access Solution, Mobile Solution and Business Security Solution.

Biometric Access Solution

Biometric finger print reader being used to restrict access to secured areas. Only registered individual are allowed access to a specific area. The transaction and monitoring of movement are captured by using biometric finger print device and recorded using our web based TADMS (Time Attendance and Door Access Management System). We offer the following systems:
  • Time Attendance System

  • A must have for Human Resource Department, INTEGRITY’s time attendance system is designed to accommodate the details of employee’s performance and productivity records, where it will capture employees time attendance logged at the biometric and card reader at the entrances and exits of their work areas. Our CSMART680SA / CSMART680DE are reliable door access and time attendance reader. The reader can be connected to our owned developed in house web based TADMS applications.
  • Visitor Management System

  • Manage a large volume of visitor traffic through your premises quickly, easily and accurately by creating and instantly assign visitor card to keep track of visitor locations, areas visited and also would be able to restrict access to secured areas.

Mobile Solution

The FID688 (monochrome screen), FID689 (colour screen) & MID388 mobile reader are mobile terminals that are equipped with biometric optical scanner, contact or contactless smart card readers, GSM/GPRS modem and thermal printers (FID688/689 only).

The modular design concept of our mobile terminals enables our customers to pick and choose the components based on their business requirements and budget. In addition, our mobile terminals are powered by ARM7/ARM9 processor and LINUX operating system. As such, our mobile terminals are robust and very stable.

Find below are potential mobile applications and solutions that can be supported by our mobile terminals:

  1. Mobile enforcement solution ( MyKad).
  2. Mobile Banking solution.
  3. Mobile Micro credit solution.
  4. Mobile Credit Check solution.
  5. Mobile Attendance solution.
  6. Mobile Coupon solution..

Business Security Solutions

We provide various devices with right solution for business security such as below:

  • MyKad with Fingerprint Validation Module

    The FID688 (mobile reader), FID689 (mobile reader), MID388 (mobile reader) or CID308 are highly suitable for MyKad data reading/writing and fingerprint validation.

  • Customer Information Module

    The FID688 (mobile reader), FID689 (mobile reader), MID388 (mobile reader) or CID308 allow extraction of customers’ information from MyKad and to be used as part of the banks Customer Information System (CIS) database.
  • Pin Generation Module

    The FID688 (mobile reader) and FID689 (mobile reader), terminals can be used to generate customers BANKCARD ATM PIN.
  • Supervisor Override Module (Desktop / Mobile)

    The FID688 (mobile reader), FID689 (mobile reader), or CID308 terminals can be used as supervisor override function and replace the current approach of using swipe card which is not reliable and secure.
  • Customer Survey Module

    The FID688 (mobile reader) and FID689 (mobile reader) terminals can be used to support Banks customers’ surveys and feedbacks.
  • Loan Application Module

    The FID688 (mobile reader) terminals can be used to support Bank’s loan application transactions and new account opening.
  • Biometrics Login

    INTEGRITY biometric login develop by our R&D team is catered specifically for critical business systems access using fingerprint matching method which is considered the most secured and practical access system. This eliminates the hassle of remembering and changing of passwords.
  • Terminal Management System
    Improve the effectiveness of software upgrade for all FID688 (mobile reader) terminals deployed at the Bank’s branches nationwide and enable the Head Office to upload information or transaction from terminals at all or designated branches.
  • Smart Card Solution and Smart Card Printing Services

    INTEGRITY offer a range of smart card solutions such as smart card loyalty solution ie: memory card, CPU chip card and contactless card. We also provide smart card printing service like offset printing, security printing and thermal printing.

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